Welcome back 2017

As the school year quickly approaches we want to welcome back all staff, students and parents. We are excited to re-connect with our students, parent community and meet our new families and welcome them to our Spitzee Family! To help with the transition back into school, we will be sending out a number of communication updates that we know will help. However, please contact the school for inquiries or if you have any questions.

Our first day of school will be Tuesday September 5th, 2017. For those who are new to Spitzee our school day starts at 8:35am. Tuesday Kindergarten students will start on the 5th and Wednesday Kindergarten students will start on the 6th. Jr. Kindergarten students (pre-school) will be receiving a call from Mrs. Herr, as these classes will have a staggered entry or start time.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students please make your way to your classrooms upon arrival. We will have staff to assist you as to where to go.

Students in grade 2-5 you are welcome to drop off your supplies in your classrooms, but we then ask for you to head outside until the bell rings. We know you will want to catch up with friends that you have missed over the summer!

On Tuesday September 5, from 9:10-9:40 we invite all parents and caregivers to please join the administration for a 30-minute presentation in the gym. We are excited to share with you upcoming events, how you can become involved with your school and show case and celebrate our students’ academic, social and emotional successes. 

We have been under construction for a few months. We are happy to report that MacLeod Trail will be re-opened from 4th street to the traffic circle. Please read the communication that has been sent out through email and posted on our website. The biggest change will be our bussing. A designated bus lane has been created in front of Spitzee on MacLeod Trail. Please note that there is NO public or parent parking during school hours in this lane. Parking is available on 3rd Street- between 7th Ave and 9th Ave. 6th Street- between MacLeod trail to 9th and George Lane Park. On September 11th, we are happy to announce that we will be opening up a drop off and pick up zone for families east of the school.  More information will be communicated next week and during the administration address. 

Due to a change in classroom locations, we will be dismissing classes out the main front doors of Spitzee. This is necessary to streamline bus access and safety.  We ask that parents and caregivers plan on meeting children at designated pick up points. Designated meeting points for grade levels have been established.  Kindergarten will meet outside at the far front west doors. This will be explained on the first day(s) of school. Grade one students can be picked up outside at the back of the school by the UNESCO hall doors. We ask that parents do not wait outside classroom doors as we have over 410 students to move in a very short time. Please note, teachers will bring students outside to parents and caregivers. Grade two and three parents, plan to meet your children at the back door of the Heritage End. If you are not sure what door to access, we will help you on Tuesday.  Grade 4 and 5 students can meet parents either at the Heritage Doors or meet younger siblings at the designated outdoor pick up points. 

We are excited for the school year to start. We have a number of changes and are here to support you and your children as we transition back in the school year.

Have a wonderful long weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.


Welcome back to Spitzee School

September, 5th 2017

Brooke MacNeill   Chase Ellis
Principal                Vice Principal