3K - Mrs. King

Chicken Eggs – Hatching Soon!  Click on the chick hatching picture to open a page at home to watch what is happening in our incubator!

Dance Mat Typing practice – remember to start at level one and work your way up!

Language Arts

  • Language Arts Activities 2learn.ca – this link opens a page with many links to a variety of language arts related learning activities.  These are a fun way to practise your language arts skills.
  • Grammar Ninja – learning and practising your knowledge of parts of a sentence (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc…)
  • Scholastic Story Starter – great website for ideas for writing in a variety of formats (postcard, newspaper, notebook, etc.)
  • ABRACADABRA – a reading comprehension and understanding words website full of great games
  • My Story Maker – a website to help you get ideas for writing stories
  • Roy The Zebra – an interactive reading game site with fun stories and characters
  • Reading With National Geographic – a fun site that will read with you, lots of interesting non-fiction books on all sorts of creatures
  • Game Goo Site with many Language Arts Games – this site has games about synonyms, sentences, letter sounds, and many more
  • Adjective Adventure – this is a game to get you to recognize adjectives, also along the side are other games you can click into and play
  • Interactive Spelling Bee – An interactive site to help practise your spelling skills
  • Fun Brain – This site has many reading games and there are also other categories of fun games to play
  • Spelling City – a spelling practise game site
  • Online Postcards – create a postcard and send it online


  • NUMBERS to 100 – this opens a page with links to a variety of number related activities on the 2learn website.  Great ways to practise or work with numbers to 100
  • NUMBERS to 1000 – this opens a page with links to a variety of number activities that are more difficult – please note that some are beyond the grade 3 level, so choose wisely and remember if it is an older grade math concept it may be a big challenge.
  • ESTIMATION – lots of links to estimation related fun!
  • PATTERNS – 2Learn.ca links – this page has many links to a variety of math games and activities related to patterns.
  • More PATTERNS – 2Learn.ca links – more links to patterns related math fun
  • MATHLETICS (students have a login and password, if they have lost it please email Mrs. King at kingc@fsd38.ab.ca)
  • ABCYA Mathlines – add up to different numbers by knocking out balls, this game will have you thinking quick to make the right number combinations
  • ABC YA – lots of fun games to play and practise your math skills
  • Math 3 Under the Sea – dive under the water on a fun learning adventure
  • Math Playground – have fun playing with math
  • Virtual Manipulatives – this site allows you to work with math manipulatives on your computer, it is lots of fun
  • Cool Math For Kids
  • Fractions Game – matching game #1 (fractions of a whole)
  • Fractions Game #2 – matching game #2 (fractions of a set)


Boats and Buoyancy

HOT and COLD Temperatures


  • Liquids – this site links you to many different learning activities related to our Liquids unit.
  • Science Games for Kids – Solids, liquids and gases
  • Magnets – a game about magnets and springs
  • WONDERVILLE– a fun science website with many different topics to explore

Rocks and Minerals

Hearing and Sound

Social Studies

Northern Canada – click on the links below to go to different sites about life in the far north of Canada.

  • Exploring Canada’s North – this site will tell you about Northern Canada’s nature, climate and people
  • The Inuit – history, daily life, culture
  • Nunavut in pictures – pictures of life in Nunavut
  • A Comparative Look at Inuit Lifestyle – This resource compares the traditional and contemporary lifestyles of the Inuit.Information on the following topics is provided: transportation, economy, social organization, rules of kinship, child rearing, education, language, health, religion, recreation, and music.
  • Canada’s Arctic – this site has information, pictures and short videos to show the land and living organisms in Canada’s Arctic Landscape
  • Wumpa’s World – this site has some games related to life in the north, check out the Inuksuk game.
  • Fun Facts About Canada – this site has interesting and fun facts about every territory and province in Canada
  • Arctic ABC – lots of links to information about people, animals, culture, geography
  • Student Link Canada – this website has many links for students to use at school for a variety of subject areas.
  • Canadian Geographic Animals Search – this site has lots of information about different animals and many from the Nunavut Territory

PERU –  The following are a variety of sites with information about Peru.

UKRAINE – Below are a variety of sites with information ranging from food, traditions, and geography to history.