1S – Ms. Saliken

Welcome to 1S 

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun! And we have been having our share of fun while we settle into the routines of our new grade one classroom!

What a delightful class we have! We have been spending time getting to know each other and our names by adding them to our word wall. Students are already excited to read them and other familiar words in our classroom as we celebrate that we are ALL readers!

We’ve also been super excited to begin writing in our journals and put our letter sound skills to work as we try to sound out our words in our writing.

Here are some of our learning targets for our literacy development:

  • I can put proper spacing between my words.
  • I can print letters properly form left to right.
  • I can use all the letter sounds to help me sound out and write new words.

In math we have been reviewing our number recognition from 1-10 and practicing how to represent those numbers.

We are now excited to work on patterns! Everyone loves to make and find patterns!



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