2/3K Math

2/3K Mathematics

NUMBERS to 100 – this opens a page with links to a variety of number related activities on the 2learn website.  Great ways to practise or work with numbers to 100

NUMBERS to 1000 – this opens a page with links to a variety of number activities that are more difficult – please note that some are beyond the grade 3 level, so choose wisely and remember if it is an older grade math concept it may be a big challenge.

ESTIMATION – lots of links to estimation related fun!

PATTERNS – 2Learn.ca links – this page has many links to a variety of math games and activities related to patterns.

More PATTERNS – 2Learn.ca links – more links to patterns related math fun

MATHLETICS (students have a login and password, if they have lost it please email Mrs. King at kingc@fsd38.ab.ca)

ABCYA Mathlines – add up to different numbers by knocking out balls, this game will have you thinking quick to make the right number combinations

ABC YA – lots of fun games to play and practise your math skills

Math 3 Under the Sea – dive under the water on a fun learning adventure

Math Playground – have fun playing with math

Virtual Manipulatives – this site allows you to work with math manipulatives on your computer, it is lots of fun

Cool Math For Kids

Fractions Game – matching game #1 (fractions of a whole)

Fractions Game #2 – matching game #2 (fractions of a set)