2/3K Science

2/3K Science
Bridges Web Quest

Bridges Game

Boats and Buoyancy
Wonderville – Buoyancy game

Wonderville – Fishing with Haley

Build a boat

HOT and COLD Temperatures
Hot and Cold related activities and resources

Liquids – this site links you to many different learning activities related to our Liquids unit.

Science Games for Kids – Solids, liquids and gases

Magnets – a game about magnets and springs

WONDERVILLE– a fun science website with many different topics to explore

Rocks and Minerals Weblinks

Rocks and Minerals Information – lots of great facts about rocks and minerals

Testing Rocks and Minerals – Gizmo 

The Science Spot – this has links to games (BBC rock experiments) and many information sites as well as sites with great pictures of rocks and minerals

Rocks and Minerals – lots of links to sites with pictures, information and other fun things

Name that Rock Game try to name the rock with the clues you have been given

Rocks and Minerals games and information – a link to a  page with games, information and lots of interesting things to learn about rocks and minerals

Kids Discovery site – lots of games to get you thinking

Hearing and Sound

Hearing and Sound Game