2/3K Language Arts

Language Arts Websites:

Language Arts Activities 2learn.ca – this link opens a page with many links to a variety of language arts related learning activities.  These are a fun way to practise your language arts skills.

Grammar Ninja learning and practising your knowledge of parts of a sentence (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc…)

Scholastic Story Starter – great website for ideas for writing in a variety of formats (postcard, newspaper, notebook, etc.)

ABRACADABRA – a reading comprehension and understanding words website full of great games

My Story Maker – a website to help you get ideas for writing stories

Roy The Zebra – an interactive reading game site with fun stories and characters

Reading With National Geographic – a fun site that will read with you, lots of interesting non-fiction books on all sorts of creatures

Game Goo Site with many Language Arts Games – this site has games about synonyms, sentences, letter sounds, and many more

Adjective Adventure – this is a game to get you to recognize adjectives, also along the side are other games you can click into and play

Interactive Spelling Bee – An interactive site to help practise your spelling skills

Fun Brain This site has many reading games and there are also other categories of fun games to play

Spelling City – a spelling practise game site

Online Postcards – create a postcard and send it online