4/5Z – Mrs. Zazula

Book Talk

There is no formal book talk this month.  Just choose a Good Fit novel and enjoy reading throughout the month. Students will respond in writing to various questions in class throughout the month.  They will also add their book to our ongoing Bookworm.


Make sure you are practicing both multiplication and division facts each night as we are using them in higher level computation and problem solving.

Weekly Spelling

Students will have a weekly spelling list.  The list will be based on a weekly spelling concept however, students may have different words to meet their individual needs.  The spelling list will go home in the agenda each Monday and students will “work” with these words throughout the week.  On Friday morning, they will be tested on their own list.  Students will also be assessed on their ability to transfer their spelling into every day work.

Home Reading

Students are expected to read at least 15 minutes a night.  This can include novels, comics, joke books, magazines, or newspapers to name a few.  Your child will ask you to fill out their reading minute page to return to school.  This can be done a few slips at a time or when the whole page is complete.  Students are expected to return a full page of minutes each month.  These slips enter their name into Book Draws and other fun events in the classroom.  We always have a steady supply of reading minute pages in the class so students can pick up more whenever they need them!

Word of the Day

From Monday to Thursday, students will be introduced to a new word of the day.  Thesese words are more difficult and they are meant to build their vocabulary for reading, writing, and conversation.  Each day, the students are challenged to use the word in their writing and speech.  We share how they did this at the end of the day.  They are also encouraged to use these words at home.  Please ask your child about their Word of the Day

Homework Links

Weekly Emails 

Please check out my weekly email update.  This will let you know about the day to day happenings in our classroom!