4/5E – Mrs. Egeland

Book Talk: May Book Talk is a flower to complete while they are reading their novel and after they finish it. Students are being assessed on their understanding of the novel and their sentences written explaining the parts of the novel.

Students should still be practicing multiplication and division facts each night. We are now using them in higher level computation and problem solving.

Spelling: New spelling lists are being created each week so make sure you are practicing these words every night. Tests are every Monday.


  • Spitzee School has a hands off policy. Please talk to your child about appropriate playground and respectful behaviour towards others.
  • The weather outside is finally warming up and we are seeing many of the students wearing flip flops and sandals to school.  Please make sure they still have socks and runners to wear for Phys. Ed. as we are doing a lot of running and movement activities.

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