4/5A - Andrews

Current Class Read Aloud – HATCHET – by Gary Paulsen  We are almost at the end of this exciting tale of adventure and survival by one of our favourite authors!!!! 

Language Arts – We are currently doing a variety of kinds of Poetry.  Students are trying their hand at many different forms of poetry in their poetry portfolios.  Their work is quite wonderful!!  I love seeing the risks they’re willing to take! 

Math – Our current unit is LONG DIVISION moving into geometry, motion geometry, statistics and probability after that.   Also … Please have your child continue to work regularly on their multiplication tables – there are many great, interactive website (see the list below) that make this a little more fun and interesting!  These skills are so necessary to our next steps in math – students who don’t have their multiplication skills mastered will struggle with many of the concepts that are yet to come this year.   Ms. Andrews

Science – Our current unit is “Plant Growth and Change”

Social Studies – Our current unit is “Canada – Shaping an Identity”

Phys. Ed – Students are now participating in many kids of organized games as well as looking at events for our Track and Field day in June.

Music – Students are learning notes and short songs on their ukuleles with  Mrs. Misura

Other Information! Here are some websites worth checking out!